Optical Astronomical Observatories in Ontario

This list is presented for information only, and is not comprehensive. For further information, please contact the organizations that operate these observatories. If you have any suggestions, corrections, or additions, please send them to me at: sasajewun [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com


On-Line Observatories

  • York University Observatory (York University, Toronto) offers Monday night free on-line viewing (except for Holidays). You can join in by clicking the “Join Us – Monday Night Online Viewing” button at: http://astronomy.blog.yorku.ca/

Historical Observatories

  • David Dunlap Observatory (74″ reflector, the largest optical telescope in Canada), Richmond Hill, ON. Operated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Toronto Centre. Originally part of University of Toronto, it is now on private property but is open for certain events: http://www.theddo.ca
  • Helen Sawyer Hogg Observatory (15″ f/15 refractor) – holds the original refracting telescope from the now-defunct Dominion Observatory in Ottawa; at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa: http://www.sciencetech.technomuses.ca/english/whatson/hogg_observatory.cfm

Observatories Accessible to the Public

Astronomy Club Observatories

Many clubs and associations own and operate their own observatories. Some allow public access during scheduled open house events. Please check their individual web sites for details.

University Observatories

University observatories are usually developed as research and teaching tools. However, as international facilities become more sophisticated, and as the skies of Ontario have been ever-increasingly polluted by light, their use in original research has declined. Some are still operated for teaching purposes or for public education. Please check individual observatory web sites for information on their status and whether visits by the public are possible.

The dome of the Elginfield Observatory, University of Western Ontario

The dome of the Elginfield Observatory, owned by the University of Western Ontario, is north of London. The dome houses one of Canada’s largest research telescopes, which is not at present in operation.

University of Western Ontario

Queen’s University at Kingston

University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

York University

University of Guelph