Sun 20121230 red with SDO image

a) The sun’s photosphere photographed 30 December 2012 from the Sydenham Road lookout, Dundas, ON. Photographed with a Sigma 150-500mm telephoto lens, 1.4x Sigma teleconverter, Nikon D5100 dSLR, and mylar solar filter, mounted for convenience on a small equatorial mount. ISO100, 1/1250 sec, f/16. Processed in PhotoShop Elements to show just the red channel. Converted to monochrome; brightness and contrast adjusted to taste. Very happy with this image: compares well to today’s photo of the photosphere taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.
b) NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory image of the photosphere taken 30 December 2012, Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.

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