Sidewalk Astronomy Tonight in Hamilton

Following weeks of miserable weather for astronomers, tonight and tomorrow night look marvellously clear in the Hamilton area. You can follow that sort of thing on-line every day in detail with the Clear Sky Chart web site: (Dark blue is “good”).

Tonight, recommended is a view of Saturn, which will be due south of us at 10 PM, at a bit over 35 degrees above the horizon. The moon is waxing (getting fuller) and just past 50% illuminated. It will be a bit to the west of Saturn tonight. A modest telescope should show Saturn’s rings and some of the moons; binoculars will show the creamy overall colour of the planet but the rings will not be visible.

If you are mobile you might like to join the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers tonight at the T. B. McQuesten Park (corner of Upper Wentworth and the Linc) for some “Sidewalk Astronomy.” Members come out with telescopes on nice nights to give free demos to the public. I’m planning on arriving a little before sunset, perhaps 8:45.